Powering the world’s first ecosystem of cognitive technologies at NEOM

TONOMUS harnesses accurate, consented, and protected data to deliver predictive, proactive and personalized services and solutions.

07 MARCH 2024  |  LEAP 2024 Keynote

Image of Elaine Grunewald

Elaine Grunewald, President of Venture Studio and Chief Sustainability Officer

Why the next unicorns should be sustainable


Elaine Grunewald’s keynote presentation on the latest trends and innovations in smart city development underscored the importance of prioritizing personalized experiences to create urban environments that truly cater to the needs and preferences of residents. She emphasizes the importance of inclusivity, accessibility, and sustainability in the design and deployment of smart city solutions. Through collaborative efforts and innovative thinking, the mission is to develop smart cities that prioritize human experiences and wellbeing to truly thrive in the digital age.




16 OCTOBER 2023  |  CNN

Image of a cube

Joseph Bradley, CEO

Making smart cities personal

Joseph Bradley speaks to CNN on how cognitive cities aim to be predictive and proactive, and how they understand that insight and information are the currency of the 21st century. He discusses the intersection between smart cities and personalized experiences, emphasizing TONOMUS' role in making this vision a reality, while recognizing that the key to successful smart cities lies in customization to meet the unique requirements of each resident. 


23 AUGUST 2023  |  Gulf Business

Image of NEOM site

Joseph Bradley, CEO

Exclusive: Joseph Bradley on transforming NEOM into an epicenter of innovation

Joseph Bradley discusses the pivotal role of TONOMUS in transforming NEOM into an innovation hub, particularly through the launch of the TONOMUS.NEOM Telecommunications Center. The facility comprises a key step in the realization of TONOMUS’ vision to lead as the world's first cognitive technology enterprise, investing in state-of-the-art cognitive foundation networks, data centers, and applications.


19 JULY 2023  |  edge    

Image of TONOMUS leaders

Peter Watson, Head of Connect

TONOMUS Telecom Centre: ‘A turning point for NEOM, ushering new era of connectivity, says exec

Peter Watson explores the transformative impact of the TONOMUS.NEOM Telecommunications Centre on NEOM's digital connectivity capabilities and its role in elevating NEOM's status as a global tech hub. The facility represents a significant milestone in NEOM's journey toward technological innovation, underlining the commitment to become a leader in cutting-edge digital communications.


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Building a portfolio of ventures and talent capabilities to launch a new generation of entrepreneurs

Pioneering cognitive strategies, and super-charging the adoption of cognitive products and services

Creating the world's first Al-powered cognitive security platform and offering unprecedented cybersecurity

Developing and commercializing next-gen digital cognitive platforms, applications, and solutions


Designing and operating advanced network infrastructure to deliver rapid and reliable connectivity

Delivering vital cloud services and hyperscale data centers through cutting-edge infrastructure

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