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About us

As the first subsidiary to emerge out of NEOM, TONOMUS enables the bold ambitions of its communities and industries. In partnership with global tech-industry leaders, we are reimagining the future of living with groundbreaking cognitive technologies.


Underpinned by global security standards, and powered by unrivaled connectivity, computing capability, and cutting-edge AI, these immersive solutions predict and respond to the day-to-day needs of NEOM residents, helping save time and enhance their lives.

Our culture

Our work requires a diverse blend of talents, ideas, and perspectives, transcending traditional boundaries and contributing to solutions that shape tomorrow. We empower our teams to unlock their full potential while fostering a culture where creativity meets innovation in technology.
We are proud to have a diverse team of over 40 nationalities working together to build a new future fueled by pioneering technologies.


ESG Analyst

"We work towards a future where people and the environment coexist harmoniously.”


Chief Executive Officer

"Our culture is what makes us different, it’s what makes us successful.”


Business Operation Lead

"What you're contributing to here is on another level, this is the future, it’s changing Saudi Arabia, it’s one of the centerpieces of Vision 2030.”

Rihab Ruqsana

Program Coordinator

"We collaborate across disciplines and expertise and are encouraged to learn, challenge, and share ideas.”


Image of Joseph Bradley

Chief Executive Officer

Joseph Bradley

As Chief Executive Officer of TONOMUS, Joseph Bradley is responsible for formulating the vision and delivery of the technology and digital ecosystem for NEOM, building the foundation and infrastructure for the cognitive cities of the future. Prior to TONOMUS, Joseph served in senior roles at Cisco Systems over the course of 15 years.

16 OCTOBER 2023  |  CNN

Image of a cube

Joseph Bradley, CEO

Making smart cities personal

Joseph Bradley speaks to CNN on how cognitive cities aim to be predictive and proactive, and how they understand that insight and information are the currency of the 21st century. He discusses the intersection between smart cities and personalized experiences, emphasizing TONOMUS' role in making this vision a reality, while recognizing that the key to successful smart cities lies in customization to meet the unique requirements of each resident. 


23 AUGUST 2023  |  Gulf Business

Image of NEOM site

Joseph Bradley, CEO

Exclusive: Joseph Bradley on transforming NEOM into an epicenter of innovation

Joseph Bradley discusses the pivotal role of TONOMUS in transforming NEOM into an innovation hub, particularly through the launch of the TONOMUS.NEOM Telecommunications Center. The facility comprises a key step in the realization of TONOMUS’ vision to lead as the world's first cognitive technology enterprise, investing in state-of-the-art cognitive foundation networks, data centers, and applications.

Image of Olivier Sage

Chief Financial Officer

Olivier Sage

Olivier Sage is responsible for charting the financial and operational course of TONOMUS, as well as ensuring that it has the people and processes in place to create lasting value. Prior to joining TONOMUS in 2022, Olivier served as Chief Revenue Officer at MBC Group, and was previously Group CEO of Lebara, a mobile virtual network operator with a presence in eight countries, including Saudi Arabia.

Elaines Grunewald image

President of Venture Studio & Chief Sustainability Officer

Elaine Grunewald

Elaine Grunewald is responsible for ensuring that TONOMUS lives by its sustainable values. She brings more than two decades of experience and advocacy for the private sector’s role in solving sustainability challenges, most recently as Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability and Public Affairs Officer at Ericsson, and a member of the Executive Team.


Image of Elaine Grunewald

07 March 2024

Why the next unicorns should be sustainable

Elaines Grunewald image

Chief Governance & Risk Officer

Andrew Winters

As TONOMUS’ Chief Governance, Risk & Compliance Officer, Andrew Winters is a key source of guidance on cyber, technology, digital and data risk. Andrew commands a comprehensive understanding of the wider NEOM organization where he has held a range of leadership roles, as well as more than 20 years of experience at PwC and Deloitte.

Image of Doha Marzouk

Chief Marketing Officer

Doha Marzouk

As Chief Marketing Officer of TONOMUS, Doha leads the Marcoms portfolio comprising brand, product marketing, events, stakeholder engagements, research, thought leadership, and communications. An industry veteran, Doha has identified and delivered B2C and B2B marketing opportunities for the world’s leading technology companies, including Huawei, Google, Yahoo and Vodafone.

Image of Esraa Alsharief

Chief Human Resources Officer

Esraa Alsharief

In her capacity as Chief Human Resources Officer, Esraa Alsharief works on aligning TONOMUS’ talent agenda to its business strategy by assessing teams and recruiting executive talent. An award-winning HR executive, she has 15 years of experience helping large businesses successfully navigate transformational and change management initiatives across several industries, including banking, real estate, education, and retail.

Image of Fabio Fontana

Chief Growth Officer & CEO of ZeroPoint Holdings

Fabio Fontana

As Head of Compute & Innovation at NEOM, Chief Growth Officer at TONOMUS and CEO of ZeroPoint DC, Fabio Fontana is overseeing the successful delivery of NEOM’s next-generation hyperscale data center. With more than 25 years’ experience working with some of the world’s fastest moving and digitally advanced technologies, Fabio has been in a variety of senior executive and managerial roles, including at Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE).

20 DECEMBER 2022  |  Financial Times

Image of earth as seen in space

Fabio Fontana, Chief Growth Officer and CEO of ZeroPoint Holdings

Connected futures: bridging the digital divide

with Laith Hamad, CEO of OneWeb


Fabio Fontana and Laith Hamad discuss NEOM’s partnership with Eutelsat OneWeb to provide high-speed, low-latency connectivity, bridging remote areas. The article chronicles how TONOMUS' data consent management platform ensures transparency, allowing users to take control over their data and even draw financial benefits from authorizing its use by third parties. 

Image of Fayiaz Chaudhri

Chief Legal Officer

Fayiaz Chaudhri

Fayiaz Choudhri is the Chief Legal Officer for TONOMUS and manages the company’s legal affairs. He is an industry-leading, award-winning General Counsel who has spent the last twenty-three years working in the technology sector, managing legal departments in startups and large multinational organizations. He is seen as an industry expert in technology law and is a sought-after speaker. He has also held a number of Board positions.

Image of Laith Hamad

CEO of OneWeb

Laith Hamad

Laith Hamad is the Chief Executive Officer of OneWeb where he is responsible for developing a commercial space infrastructure business, focusing on managing government relations, market access, lawful interception, and maintenance of state security compliance. Prior to leading OneWeb, Laith worked as a consultant for major telecommunications players providing advice and advocacy on global satellite, mobile internet, data, and cloud regulations.

20 DECEMBER 2022  |  Financial Times

Image of earth as seen in space

Laith Hamad, CEO of OneWeb

Connected futures: bridging the digital divide

with Fabio Fontana, Chief Growth Officer  and CEO of ZeroPoint Holdings


Fabio Fontana and Laith Hamad discuss NEOM’s partnership with Eutelsat OneWeb to provide high-speed, low-latency connectivity, bridging remote areas. The article chronicles how TONOMUS' data consent management platform ensures transparency, allowing users to take control over their data and even draw financial benefits from authorizing its use by third parties. 

Image of Peter Watson

Head of Connect

Peter Watson

Peter Watson is responsible for the delivery of TONOMUS communications infrastructure to support the NEOM region. Prior to joining TONOMUS, Peter had an illustrious career as a Chief Security Advisor for over 25 years, working at companies such as IBM, Microsoft, CGI, and most recently Cisco.

19 JULY 2023  |  edge    

Image of TONOMUS leaders

Peter Watson, Head of Connect

TONOMUS Telecom Centre: ‘A turning point for NEOM, ushering new era of connectivity, says exec

Peter Watson explores the transformative impact of the TONOMUS.NEOM Telecommunications Centre on NEOM's digital connectivity capabilities and its role in elevating NEOM's status as a global tech hub. The facility represents a significant milestone in NEOM's journey toward technological innovation, underlining the commitment to become a leader in cutting-edge digital communications.

Image of Scott Gegenheimer

President of Infrastructure

Scott Gegenheimer

Scott is responsible for building the digital connectivity, information security and network resilience that is needed to achieve NEOM’s vision for the future of smart, cutting-edge urban technology. He has a distinguished track record as an executive in the telecommunications and technology sectors, working in leadership roles across the US, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Image of Michael Xie

VP of Cognitive Products

Michael Xie

Michael Xie is responsible for overseeing the development and management of products and solutions ensuring to map customer needs to emerging cognitive capabilities for now and the future of smart cities.  He was previously Head of Cloud for AI & Platforms at NEOM and prior to that, worked at Guardtime for over 6 years, holding various roles to which most recently as CTO of Guardtime Supply Chain.

Image of Hélène Panova

Head of M&A and Partnerships

Hélène Panova

Hélène Panova is the Head of M&A and Partnerships at TONOMUS. A veteran professional with over 10 years of experience in the industry, she has amassed extensive knowledge and skills throughout her career of advising on complex transactions. Her expertise encompasses various aspects of M&A and includes working for notable companies like Santande and Lazard.

Image of Chris Digby

Interim CIO

Chris Digby

Christopher Digby is the Interim CIO at TONOMUS. He is an expert in Data Analytics, and corporate IT, specifically IT strategy and IT Outsourcing. Prior to joining NEOM, he was a project manager for Deloitte, overseeing Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for more than 20 years.

Image of Katherine Raso

Chief of Staff, CEO Office

Katherine Raso

Katherine Raso manages operations at the CEO’s Office at TONOMUS. Katherine brings with her almost 20 years of experience in communications and marketing strategies. She was previously the Head of Communications at TONOMUS and served as the Head of Sector Communications at NEOM. Prior to her time at NEOM, she was a Partner at a lifestyle management company called COPIA and co-founded a global communications agency.

Image of Aamer Rana

Head of Advisory & Design

Aamer Rana

Aamer has over 25 years of experience in various business, management, and technical roles, working with large customers across several industries, including Telecom, T&T, and Oil & Gas. Prior to joining TONOMUS in 2023, he spent 16 years at IBM in various positions, including Strategic Partnerships Leader.


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