STC group forge a strategic agreement with TONOMUS for LEO satellite capacity in KSA

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia October 25, 2023
  • STC group forge a strategic agreement with TONOMUS for LEO satellite capacity in KSA


    • STC group purchases rights to service provision and sell high-speed, low-latency satellite internet and data connectivity across the Kingdom
    • Agreement to benefit government sectors and businesses and help bridge the digital divide in remote areas and communities


    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 25 October 2023: TONOMUS – NEOM’s cognitive technology and digital infrastructure subsidiary – today announced the signing of a multi-year agreement with STC group, an engine of digital transformation in the region, to acquire from TONOMUS Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite connectivity capacity in Saudi Arabia.


    Unveiled at FII in Riyadh, the newly announced agreement will grant STC group unprecedented access to LEO satellite capacity and empower the company to offer high-speed broadband internet and data services, as well as business continuity solutions to government institutions, large enterprises, and SMEs across Saudi Arabia. STC group's acquisition is a significant milestone for the connectivity landscape in the country, given their emphasis on enhancing and offering optimized connectivity services for customers in crucial industries like oil and gas, mining, agritech, health, education, and finance.


    The collaboration between TONOMUS and STC group is a testament to the accelerating demand for affordable, fast, high-bandwidth and low-latency connectivity across the region. It will enable the provision of fiber-like internet access to residents of rural and remote areas, ultimately facilitating an enhanced and seamless online experience.


    TONOMUS’ agreement with STC group will strengthen Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation through strong collaboration with local infrastructure and service providers. It will also help usher in a transition to broad participation in the digital ecosystem as a platform for scalability, innovation and availability for all government and business sectors.


    Scott Gegenheimer, President of Infrastructure, TONOMUS, said: “The acquisition of LEO satellite network capacity by STC group corresponds with TONOMUS’ vision for a more connected, inclusive, and prosperous Saudi Arabia. We see STC group as an ideal partner to extend coverage in the region and help us realize this vision. The agreement between our two companies will facilitate the provision of rapid and reliable connectivity to transform businesses and the lives of communities, while empowering NEOM’s groundbreaking ecosystem of cognitive technologies that we are developing at TONOMUS.”

    Riyadh Muawad, GCBO, STC group, said, “STC is committed to lead in the ICT and digital transformation in the region. Our contract with TONOMUS is a major milestone that will enable us to offer high-speed, low-latency satellite internet and data services to customers in crucial industries. This will help bridge the digital divide in remote areas and communities, benefitting government sectors and businesses. We are proud to partner with TONOMUS and contribute to the country's digital ecosystem.”



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